accelerate recruiting and contract staffingToday, more than ever, organizations pursue different avenues to achieve better cost and operational efficiencies. To enable sustainable and scalable solutions, organizations need to find the right partner, so with ValueOptim accelerate recruiting and contract staffing, with the right approach that matches their specific business needs.

Whether a company succeeds or fails depends on whether it has hired the right people to effectively develop and execute its strategies. To achieve quality at speed, organizations need to move from enabling hiring teams to streamlining hiring workflows. Over two-thirds of recruiters struggle to manage burdensome workloads that are higher, more diverse and filled with more specialized needs. Recruiting departments often relies on external resources (e.g. contractors, agencies) to alleviate recruiter capacity.

ValueOptim provides pre-screened, highly experienced, and reliable recruiting professionals for human resources and contingent workforce departments. ValueOptim is a leading recruitment process support (RPS) company. Several staffing and recruiting companies in the US and Europe use our Recruiter on Demand (ROD) services. We have more than a decade of experience in workforce solutions and have helped clients of all sizes optimize their recruiting strategies.


Recruiting and Staffing departments today face several challenges:

  • Recruiters often say it is difficult to manage competing hiring demands
  • Recruiters often fill requisitions that were added unexpectedly to their workloads
  • Recruiters often deal with changing hiring needs during requisitions
  • Recruiters’ requisition loads surpass reasonable volumes increasing hiring timeline
  • You often risk high-quality candidates to competitors
  • Delays in hiring causes higher burnout and disengagement for role’s immediate network.
  • Delays in hiring full-time results in increased spend on expensive temporary staffing
  • You’re not being able to hire on time has resulted in damaged productivity of employee’s dependent on the vacant role



A ValueOptim recruiting associate has a minimum of bachelor’s degree and is equipped with excellent English, strong MS office, web development, and research skills on various platforms. They are trained to be flexible, customer service oriented, welcome feedback, do multi-tasking and are quality and productivity driven. They keep focus on continuous improvement, invest in learning using our extensive resources and leverage the right skills for the right tasks to provide you with a complete recruiting experience. More importantly, our associates understand the value of maintaining client confidentiality and being ethical in all interactions. Our hiring process identifies the BEST 4% applicants through our rigorous 4-phase hiring process:


ValueOptim objective is the reduction in your sourcing time, cost and hiring overhead. We offer a high-end simplified and tested process to increase the quality of the workforce in recruiting (sourcing and full life-cycle recruiting) and contingent staffing. Recruiter on Demand provides assistance with optimizing company’s recruiting and staffing functions in finding, reaching and hiring the top-notch talent in the industry.

ValueOptim recruiters will use a proprietary screening process to ensure candidates meet requirements, to access their technical abilities, and to correlate behavioral competencies with job performance. Our efforts drive quality of candidates, not quantity. Therefore, your hours are not lost reviewing inadequate resumes. Whether you need to fill a skill-gap on the short-term basis or have critical long-term needs that require specialized expertise, ValueOptim can meet those needs. Our recruiters are highly-skilled individuals with a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experience.

We can recruit resources to work under your direct day-to-day supervision. You will assign tasks, work with your team directly and monitor their performance. You will also be able to provide them any required training that is unique to your business. If required, your resource(s) will work with you the same hours as you or maintain an agreed number of hours’ overlap with you on daily basis. We have taken every care to make it easy for you to work with us. You will be able to review their performance by instant communications, leveraging our supervisory oversight, requesting status reports, receiving automated screenshots of work they are doing (if required) and assigning KPI and SLA that they should meet to deliver the work.


Our associates have access to world-class office infrastructure and are at minimum equipped with basic productivity suite that consists of a laptop / or desktop, MS Office, world-class internet, Skype, telephone, video calling, and noise-canceling headsets. All associates have unlimited access to conference rooms, meeting rooms, power-backup, and air-conditioning. We can remote into your systems and servers.


We can handle every candidate interaction – sourcing, screening, hiring and integrating new hires – as if we are employees of your organization. We become your brand stewards and preserve and reinforce your brand identity in everything we do on your behalf.

  • Recruiters follow your process, work under your supervision.
  • We will infuse our recruiters with quick training and knowledge to start supporting your needs.
  • 95% of our recruiters are retained by our clients for at least 1 year.
  • 85% of our recruiters are acquired through direct recruiting, networking and referrals.
  • Access to the active network of 20000+ recruiting professionals.
  • We have strong references in the USA from our customers.