We are pleased to share outsourcing services & some more representative case studies to demonstrate the nature of work we have done for our clients.


Client Industry

Project Category Description of Work
Retail eCommerce •Conducted product research to identify alternative products in clients brand category.

•Identified suppliers for these products

•Completed Profitability Analysis of the products using client methodology and process

•Shared Recommendations on proposed products for test market purchase

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Website Development

•Leading Property Management firm hired ValueOptim to provide Digital Marketing services.

•Website Development and Maintenance

•Social Media Management

•Search Engine Optimization

Financial Services Accounting and Bookkeeping •Accounting and Bookkeeping using QuickBooks

•Bank Reconciliations

•Account Receivables Management Updates

•Account Receivable Follow ups

•Billing Management

Media Document Conversion •Conversion of 17 PDF Directories into Excel Format (2800 Pages)

•Uploading and Mapping of the Excel to Client CRM system

•Scribing internet sites to generate meaningful content

Financial Services Web Form

CRM (HubSpot)

•Capture personal information e.g. name, address, banking information…via web forms.

•Maintain CRM system

•Create statistics based on requested reports and import the data into CRM systems

•500 records added per day for client

Investments Lead Generation •Recruiting of 2 Farmers (USA Based) and 3 Hunters (India Based)

•Using Call Center application and dialer we did cold calling for 2800+ contacts.

•We generated 15+ leads per week that were handed off to onsite Farming Team



Client Industry Project Category Description of Work
Insurance Claim Processing

Virtual Admin

Customer wanted to capture all the information in a claim form (customer information, number of claim, meta data …) and classify the information based on the categorization provided. 200 claim forms were processed per day. The complexity of forms was medium to high.
Financial Services Form Processing Capture personal information e.g. name, address, banking information…via web forms. Create statistics based on requested reports and export the data in CRM systems. 500 records added per day for client.
Financial Services Document Processing We process invoices which cannot be read by OCR software sufficiently. It includes non-structured invoices, handwritten invoices, purchase orders, credit notes etc. Capacity 300 Invoices per day.
Various Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

We do SEO for 6 companies today (This includes a eCommerce Company, A manufacturing company, a Real Estate Company, A Financing company and a consulting company).

•Do both On Page and Off Page SEO for the company.

•Agree on 10-40 key words with the client based on deep research.

•Updated company webpages and submitted them across several sources in the industry.

•The result with-in 3 months in most cases have been : (1) 350% increased website traffic. (2) First Page on Google Search on at least 8 out of 20 keywords. (3) In addition we add several tools and enhancements to the website which helps with improved customer experience.

Real Estate Sales Support Leveraging proprietary customer CRM (built on Sales Force) our team of 3 called for a Real Estate Company to find leads. The leads are for investors wanting to sell properties, buy properties, hard money lending, multi-family partnerships and much more. ValueOptim team provided a hit rate of 10% connect and 40%+ talk time. As hunters we passed along these leads to the farmers onshore who close them for business.