A leading Consulting and Engineering Company in the Orange County area that provides solutions to healthcare, aviation and energy services.  The portfolio of services offered is in areas of Construction, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical. The client has a strong track record of creating lasting value for their clients, their shareholders, their people and the communities in which they operate.

Business Need

  • The Customer had been using Microsoft Office – Word, Access and Excel over 15 years for maintaining their databases.
  • Segregated stand-alone databases had become difficult to maintain and also due to lack of integration the management has not been able to take a integrated review of data to take decisions.
  • The biggest challenge was to determine the profitability of customer projects as salaries, job estimates, capacity consumed and actual customer pricing has been maintained in different formats and locations.
  • Customer cannot immediately change how they work today.

Our Solution

  • We proposed two phases of the project:
  • Phase I – Propose Metrics and build Power BI based management dashboards to bring all these disparate data sources together and represent information that would allow the customer to take critical decisions. Add, Simplify and Improve the current databases to make them fit for Power BI integration.
  • Phase II – Transform the various databases into a single relational database where information can be entered using front end forms and eliminate confusing use of multiple MS Office tools.

Benefit & Value

  • Increase operational efficiencies, scalability and standardization than the previous model of working.
  • Improve the performance of data access and reporting by allowing ad hoc reporting, dashboards and improving architecture and data model.
  • 75% saving of time in maintaining data and reporting
  • Customer was able to implement the project with-in budget, schedule with no risk to their operations.