Ninety percent (90%) of start-ups and small business close down within the first 5 years. Of these 25% close down with-in first year. There are only two core reasons this happens – insufficient revenue and unsustainable cost of operation.
We at ValueOptim recognize these issues and offer several options to Small and Medium business to address these challenges. Our primary focus is to be a strategic partner to SMB and share the best practices on cutting the cost down to improve business sustenance without compromising on the quality. Our approach is consultative in nature as we work with you to review your options.  We will provide you with solutions that are cost-effective and provide you significant savings over your current spend. These solutions can range from:
  1. Outsourcing non-core functions like back-office and repetitive tasks so that you can focus more on your core competence.
  2. Building virtual extension of your business in a cheaper location while educating you on the art of virtual management.
    • It is a resource dedicated to your company and not shared resource
    • It is not a freelancer
    • It is an educated resource with a degree
    • You will always work with the same employee
    • You will manage the resource directly
    • We will provide you a resource back-up
    • Only difference is that you will work remotely with the resource
    • You can keep him as long as you want
    • Your resource will be fluent in English and university graduate
    • Your resource will be equipped with a laptop/desktop, email, Skype, US Telephone, Video Calling features, Webcam, Headset, Broadband High Speed Connection, Powerback-up, Air Conditioning.
    • You will assign them work and responsibilities
    • You will instruct how your employee should execute their given tasks
    • Your employee is under your instruction and management, they listen to you
    • You can monitor your employee and their work
    • You provide ongoing training to your employee
    • Your dedicated consultant will advise you on best practices to work remotely with yourvirtual employee.
    • Your virtual employee will work the same hours as you and they are accessible real-time.
  3. You will be able to review the performance of your resource by
    • Instant communication
    • Supervisory Oversight
    • Status Reports
    • Screen Shots Software
    • Setting KPI / SLA
  4. Your resource has access to all infrastructure and resources that any resource will have access to in your office; only difference is that you work remotely with them.
  5. Overtime we will be automating tasks using combination of labor, cloud, automation, data driven decisioning – passing along productivity benefits. We need to understand your work before we propose this and if you are keen to acheive these benefits.
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