ValueOptim offers predictable back-office operation support solutions (BPO) for Small and Medium Business (SMB).

Our services are backed with experience and we guarantee the quality of work we do for our clients. 

Our services support SMB’s, Real Estate and Retail companies with increased profit margin, reduced cost while reducing risks for business expansion. Our investments in infrastructure and capabilities enable us to implement our services in a simple manner. This is one of the core reasons, we are so confident that we are pleased to offer a risk free offer to our clients.

Our business process outsourcing (BPO) services eliminate your costs in several areas like,

  • health care
  • liability insurance
  • payroll
  • real estate
  • Capital investments
  • training
  • hiring, recruiting, interviewing
  • salary, commissions, bonus and other incentives
  • social security tax
  • unemployment tax
  • pension benefits and
  • medicare/medicaid taxes.

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