ValueOptim Services for Small and Medium Business (SMB)

Ninety percent (90%) of start-ups and small business close down with-in the first 5 years. Of these 25% close down with-in first year. Thereare only two core reasons this happens – insufficient revenue and unsustainable cost of operation. We at ValueOptim recognize these issues and offer several options to Small and Medium business toaddress these […]

ValueOptim Virtual Admin Services – A highly differentiated model

Effective time management for small and medium business (SMB), self-employed, start-ups, entrepreneurs and high-net worth individuals can be a choice between success and failure. The more time company leaders and key executives will spend on mundane tasks like data entry of business leads, scheduling meetings and email management; the less time they will have to […]

ValueOptim SVMP Recruiting

How Difficult Is it to Hire Quality Sourcing and Procurement Talent? Click Here to Start Your Search Today!  The quality of your Sourcing, Vendor Management and Procurement (SVMP) professional team has a direct correlation to your company bottom-line. Locating talented and high caliber Sourcing, Vendor Management and Procurement (SVMP) personnel to meet your needs is a challenge […]

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