Equity Based PartnershipValueOptim has pioneered the Equity Based Partnership model to support start-ups with much-needed resources. Many aspiring entrepreneurs in USA and India today have innovative ideas. However, execution due to the combination of factors has been a tremendous challenge.


  • Infrastructure and Employee costs are extremely high as compared to the salaries.
  • Lack of sustainability is the single most reason why most start-ups fail.
  • Limited resources and support.


The solutions are limited

  • Invest personal and family savings in the business
  • Seek to fund from angel investors or financial institutions
  • Reducing expenses significantly to sustain the business for a longer period.

Equity Based Partnership as an Attractive Solution

Limited Equity partnership from ValueOptim is the answer for several start-ups trying to scale with a limited budget. Our model today is helping several start-ups by providing the infrastructure support in return for equity. We are different than Angel investors or financial institutions as we work with the notion of “trust” and like you to be in control of your business to scale it in alignment with your vision.

  • Resource support at significantly subsidized costs
  • ValueOptim services extended at subsidized costs.
  • FREE Infrastructure support to conduct business
  • FREE Advisory and network support for your business
  • ValueOptim funding to selected firms

Unlike Angel funding models, equity partnership model is a mutual commitment model. We strive to be partners in your success.


  • Submit application with high-level business plan
  • Present the detailed business plan to the ValueOptim Advisory Board
  • Provide requested clarifications and supporting information
  • Receive decision in 30 days with a formal offer of our mutual commitments.
  • Calibrate the offer and start the execution.

Our offer rate for start-ups is close to 40%. We strive to make it a win-win and welcome you for an opportunity to work with ValueOptim.

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