Launching BPO Partnership Program

ValueOptim services cater to end to end needs of SSMBE (Start-Ups, Small, and Medium Business Enterprises). Our deep experience and cross-functional team of experts provides a one-stop to deliver to projects and bring forward strong program and Project Management capabilities. ValueOptim co-located teams collaborate extensively, retain client knowledge and bring forward continuous improvement and thought leadership in delivering to our client projects. Our specialized training programs develop our employees with a solid set of secretarial, technical, administrative and, creative skills that enables them to perform a variety of services to businesses. Our clients get all the advantages of having your own support team 24X5 without having to worry about employee salary, vacations, insurance, additional office space and other overheads.


Today, more than ever, organizations pursue different avenues to achieve better cost and operational efficiency, while improving their clients’ customer service experience. Oftentimes, a 3rd party partnership solution is essential in realizing these objectives. To enable sustainable and scalable solutions, organizations need to find the right partner, with the right approach that matches their specific business needs. ValueOptim services allow our customers to generate value by keeping the focus on:

  • Business strategy and growth
  • Cost efficiency
  • Operations excellence and maturity
  • Better productivity and time management
  • Improved compliance
  • Lower operating risk

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