Security is High Priority at ValueOptim

Resource Level Security Controls

  • Only the best and most qualified are hired leveraging our rigorous hiring methodology.
  • All resources have to clear background check that requires address verification, educational verification, employment verification, and criminal verification.
  • All employees sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and confidentiality agreements with ValueOptim before hiring.
  • On client requests, individuals will also sign NDA directly with the clients.
  • Least privilege access to information – only share with resources what is required for them to do their job.
  • Workstations can be enabled with trackers and screen short recorders (every 15 minutes) depending on client requirements.

Physical Security

  • Security Guards 24 X 7 at the premises.
  • Security Guards maintain the log of facility access.
  • CCTV Camera Surveillance
  • Facility entry is permitted only to those with access cards.
  • Dedicated rooms (offshore center) for clients with more than 3+ resource needs.
  • Clean Room can be easily designed for clients that provide additional security features like:
    • The dedicated security guard
    • no printers, scanners
    • named pages on books.
    • no portable devices like laptops, iPad, and mobile phones.

Desktop and Network Security

  • Dual Network Firewalls prevent unauthorized access.
  • Segmented LAN with Firewall protection.
  • Workstations are protected. Access is only allowed through Network Login, Windows Login.
  • CD Drives, Floppy Drives, USB Ports are disabled on workstations.
  • Dual Monitor Workstations to promote paperless environment are provisioned.
  • Printer Access is restricted or there are locations which it is disabled.
  • Screen Savers and PC locking are automatically enabled.
  • Workstations are secured individually by anti-virus protection.
  • Internet access is provisioned on a need basis only. Separate kiosks on separate VLAN are provisioned for those who need to access the internet.
  • Static IP based data transfer facility via SSL Protected FTP Servers based in the USA.

Audit Rights

  • Audit rights are made available to clients and contractually agreed.