Solution-Focused Approach

At ValueOptim our Services and Solutions-Focused approach aims to help clients, teams, and organizations to break out of vicious problem-cycles and develop constructive, customised solutions. We do this by:

  • Asking questions, rather than ‘selling’ answers
  • Listening for and reinforcing evidence of the strengths, resources, and competence of our clients.
  • Working with what people can do, not what they can’t.
  • Finding out what people are already doing that is helpful and exploring ways to amplify their strategies.
  • Focusing on the details of the solutions, not the problems.
  • Developing action plans which work.

Individuals and organizations tend to have default ‘solution-patterns’ – recurring ways of coping with difficulties – just as they tend to have a default ‘problem-patterns’. We encourage people to become aware of their ‘signature solutions’.

An invitation to follow the path of least resistance allows people to recognize, own and implement Services and Solutions. These sustainable solutions empower clients to become self-reliant. They can provide a platform for people to either ‘keep doing what works’, or to ‘do something different’ – to adapt and innovate.

Key Solution-Focused Strategies

Negotiating a starting point – Ask clients what their ‘best hopes’ for the session are. Alternatively, ask them how they will know that the meeting has been helpful to them.

Exception seeking – Discover evidence of occasions when clients managed to handle challenging situations.

Future-focused questions – Support people to explore their preferred future by using questions such as, ‘Imagine you wake up tomorrow and things are more the way you would like them to be, what will be the first thing you will notice?’

Scaling – Use a simple scale of 0-10 to measure progress and explore small steps towards goal achievement.

Positive feedback – Give specific, evidence-based feedback to help clients decide the next step forward.

VALUEOPTIM team is comprises of experienced industry experts from the BPO and ITO industry, enabling us to deliver the desired outcomes for our clients.