“I and my whole team are very impressed with the quality of candidates your recruiters are sharing.  I have talked to Rudy and Kenny they are all very qualified for the role. Thanks for the effort and thanks to your recruiting team for being thorough in providing us with high-quality candidates. We will like them to continue to ask clarifying questions to assist your efforts with sourcing the whole team. We are grateful for your responsive service”

 Digital IT Transformation Leader, Client



staffing and recruiting

Customer First – Employee Second

ValueOptim is uniquely qualified to handle the management of your Staffing and Recruiting needs. ValueOptim brings industry leadership in staffing and recruiting management. The integration of these services to provide a solution customized to the specific needs of client represents an incredible opportunity for client managers, human resources, and procurement.

Thinking Strategically

  • Are your current partners partnering with you to improve the value of your staffing and recruiting program? This implies improving quality, reducing risk and improving the overall efficiency of your operations.

  • Are your current partners thinking strategically to reduce mutual risk? This implies understanding and aligning with your business needs and aligning with your demand for timely go to market.

  • Are your current internal consumers indicating improvement in their experience? This implies reduced time to fill, faster time to market, better candidate quality with less time to spend on interviews.

  • Are you getting the best talent at the right time and at the right price? This implies tenure discounts, standard markup rates, volume discounts.

  • Does your service provider understand the macro view of talent market and industry local to your area?

Value Proposition

Our goal has been to provide service to the client that will help them succeed in this exciting industry. We have demonstrated flexibility and competence in the delivery of great resources. ValueOptim is the refinement and extension of the services that other companies may be providing you. The integration of on-site recruiting and resource delivery management means that our clients will receive service levels that exceed expectations.

The application of Center of Excellence principles to staffing and recruiting represents a dramatic shift from the arm’s length, reactive and sometimes-adversarial relationship that is found in most staffing programs. Our experience with the application of these principles and the broadening acceptance of this approach gives us the confidence that our client will benefit greatly from a closer relationship.

Our automation tools are state of the art and enable ValueOptim to provide excellent service levels, consistently. Our processes have been honed through vigorous engagements with many clients. We deeply understand the needs of our customers and have built processes and procedures to ensure that these needs are met.

Tools and processes will alone, not ensure success. Rather it is the people that implement those processes, use those tools and interact continuously with client managers and contractors that will ultimately make the difference. And it is here that we believe we offer a great advantage to the client. The ValueOptim team comes with years of experience. We will develop a shared vision for service delivery to the client. We will work as a team that includes the on-site and off-site recruiting staff, client human resources and procurement, and client hiring managers. We understand that communication of expectations and living up those expectations is often the difference between success and failure. We work with creativity and ingenuity to solve problems and improve service levels.

It is for these reasons, that we are confident that ValueOptim will enable the client to maintain its competitive advantage by providing services that ensure rapid access to best-in-class resources available for full-time or contract work.

We are confident you will enjoy the ValueOptim experience.  START An EXCITING RELATIONSHIP RIGHT HERE