ValueOptim specializes in finding hard to find Sourcing, Vendor Management and Sourcing (SVMP) talent and deploys extensive screening, testing and interviewing skills to find the right match.

Locating talented and high caliber Sourcing, Vendor Management and Procurement (SVMP) personnel to meet your needs is a challenge we at ValueOptim will undertake on your behalf with the utmost professional standards. We have demonstrated flexibility and competence in the delivery of SVMP leaders and technical resources. By Sourcing and Procurement Recruiting We are dedicated to working with you to build and deploy a strategy best suited for each individual company.

We have successfully recommended candidates with experience in Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Procurement (SVMP) domain. Our recruiters can intelligently converse with SVMP professionals to gauge their depth of leadership, functional and technology skills. We also make sure that candidates have a good understanding of industry competencies and will fit with your company culture when we recommend them.

ValueOptim has a strong network of SVMP practitioners whose profiles we continuously screen and store in our database. Our automation tools are state of the art and enable us to provide excellent service levels, consistently.  We understand that communication of expectations and living up those expectations is often the difference between success and failure. We work with creativity and ingenuity to solve problems and improve our closure ratio. We chose always to take the “high road”: it is best to do the right thing, to be generous, to take the long-term view of things.

Sourcing and Procurement Recruiting: The Process

Once a job description and responsibilities of the position of have been outlined, we begin searching our extensive database of recent candidates. We also remain in touch with non-active job-seekers, a majority of whom are not actively pursuing a career change and are not on the radar, but request they are kept abreast of potential opportunities in the market and in their field. These are the diamonds in the rough we have maintained contact with over the years that are open to selective new opportunities.

Our experienced recruiting team assesses potential candidates initially through phone interviews by asking questions and gathering information. As the candidate progresses through the process, they are invited for an in-person interview, and in some cases, this is done via Skype or Video Conferencing. Once details of the position have been explained to the candidate and their career objectives have been covered, work references are acquired and confirmed. If candidate profile and your expectations match, we connect you with them for further qualification. A detailed background analysis review of the candidate is provided with each submission, which allows you to make an educated assessment on which candidates to move forward with.

Additional information may be provided depending on the nature of the position such as criminal record search, drug testing, educational verification and as well as any of your own testing procedures such as personality assessments you may wish to incorporate into the process.

ValueOptim Sourcing and Procurement Recruiting work closely with SVMP departments to develop effective processes, provide top talent resources to augment your project team, and implement innovative solutions to improve performance and reduce costs.

Core Differentiators 

  • Strong Management team with 100+ Man Years of Corporate Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Procurement Experience.
  • Dedicated focus on SVMP talent and needs.
  • Uncompromising Candidate Quality
  • Amazing Service Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Speed to Fill Requisitions
  • Relationship Focus
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Geographic Coverage
  • 90 Day Guarantee for all placements
  • Client Confidentiality