“ValueOptim is so far one of the rare vendors that always keeps focus on increasing the value of our engagement. Once they are in grip of the work, they are always looking for opportunities for process and productivity improvement and bringing forward innovation in context of our business. Unlike other suppliers, they focus on enhancing their business knowledge and managing attrition”

Chief Warehouse Officer – Manufacturing Company

“ValueOptim has been a delight to work with since they were first referred to me.  Different from many other firms who I’ve dealt with in the past, they are incredibly personal, smart, didn’t take up a lot of my time and asked pertinent questions.  As we worked on different efforts with them, I noticed how relevant their questions were related to our needs. They clearly understand the property management business. Most other firms never take the time to understand the nature and culture of the business and just assign a resource or slew of candidates hoping one of them will stick.  Their candidate presentation and follow-through are impeccable and they have been a real joy to work with”

Director – Operations, Property Management Company, Los Angeles, CA

“ValueOptim has been a terrific partner for my firm.  They always take the time to listen and understand the different issues and problems we face so she can best help us to solve them.  They not only ask great questions, but also to help me think about things in different ways as well.  The other thing that I always appreciate about working with them is that I am always able to reach them very quickly and easily.  If you are looking to scale your company; ValueOptim can be a good partner to free up significant time to focus on things that matter”.

Owner – Technology Company, San Francisco, CA

During the almost 20 year period I have directed my firm’s hiring needs, I have worked with dozens of remote staffing firms for administrative needs. ValueOptim without question, is among the very best in their field. They are responsive, extremely knowledgeable about the marketplace and wholly committed to the best interests of their clients. Just as importantly, they are unfailingly ethical and professional. Given these qualities, they are a key part of our departments remote hiring efforts and I would recommend them to candidates or employers without hesitation.

Sr. Manager, Retail Company, Seattle, WA

ValueOptim supports several workflows for us today. They started small and now we have 3 people team supporting several operational needs. This is so far the best value and quality we have seen to support non-core work. Once they gain knowledge they share precise documentation to show-case knowledge attained and continue maintaining that with proper back-ups. Over 6 months they also starting improving the processes once they understood our business. We appreciate the work they do for us today.

Process Manager, Software Company, Seattle, WA

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