ValueOptim provides Cognitive and Robotic Automation Services (CRA)  to help our clients address their strategic and critical operational challenges. We help clients in a number of ways, ranging from shaping automation strategies and identifying key opportunities to designing and implementing robotic and cognitive enabled business operations and processes at scale, as well as providing robust automated managed services.

Our approach places business outcomes and successful workforce integration of these technologies at the heart of what we do, driven heavily by our deep industry and functional knowledge. Our thought leadership and strong relationships with both established and emerging tool vendors enable us and our clients to stay at the leading edge of this new frontier.

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Today leading RPA vendors are incorporating cognitive technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning into their offerings. The marketplace is changing rapidly and exploding; making it even confusing to select the right tools and technologies for your specific needs. The business case for automation, however, continues to be strong; enterprises across industries such as manufacturing, banking, insurance, real-estate, and transportation have deployed RPA with cognitive technologies to automate routine business processes such as fulfilling purchase orders and new hire onboarding etc.. Analyst firm Forrester suggests that a best practice for installing RPA is to “design the system to potentially link with cognitive platforms.

ValueOptim offers some of the best talents with our growing CRA practice that includes the range of thought leaders, process excellence experts, and emerging technology experts.

We are confident you will like the ValueOptim experience.

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