ValueOptim offers advisory, operations, process, technology, and staffing services for indirect sourcing, vendor management, and procurement departments. We have delivered numerous consulting, delivery, and training assignments for multiple clients. Our services create immediate business impact for our clients. Our Advisory services are targeted to address clearly defined business objectives. We have devised proven sourcing frameworks that can be adapted to solve business problems. Our solution team comprises professionals who have served roles as buyers, consultants, and advisors. We have deep expertise in software, cloud, telecom, payments (fintech), marketing (martech), hardware, contingent labor, consulting, ITO, BPO, managed services, and professional services categories.


Strategic: Implementing Source2Pay platforms, Supplier Risk Management, RFx Management, Category Strategy,  Spend Analytics, Vendor Management, Category Strategy, and Performance Management.

Transactional: Source2Pay Operations Support, Sourcing and Procurement Operations, Order and Compliance Management, Supply Data Management, Supplier Scheduling, and Query Management.

Tactical: Order reviews and demand management, negotiation and supplier contract creation, requirements definition and bidding, supplier partnering, and customer management.


  • Deep Domain Expertise
  • High Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Agility and Speed in Execution
  • Flexibility
  • Multi-Location Capabilities
  • Active Industry Associations and Participation
  •  Sourcing Innovation Lab.


Indirect Sourcing Assessments: Assessment of the current state of indirect sourcing in your organization with industry best practices. The gap assessments review multiple sourcing categories and associated spend cubes and provide an in-depth understanding of the sourcing framework and recommendations. We benchmark your data against pricing, quality, performance, contract terms, SOWs, etc.) and present optimization recommendations. We thereafter lead and support implementation to drive improvements.

Sourcing Strategy: We have proprietary frameworks and experience to review the maturity of your core categories to establish and/or calibrate your sourcing strategy. As we conduct our due diligence across multiple categories, we will review your drivers in alignment with business, governance, and sourcing mix, conduct financial analysis, and share several scenario recommendations for your decisions.

Sourcing Design: Once your strategy is designed we will work closely with your teams on implementation. We will define core capabilities that need to be established and work towards end-to-end readiness. We will also bring forward our ready-to-be-deployed templates, tools, and industry-good practices to expedite your design process.

Vendor Selection Process: We will review and capture your requirements into documents and run the vendor selection processes. At every step of the process, we will prepare and review the RFP/RFP, SOW, Contracts, SLA, and Provider Capabilities to ensure the best fit for your company. The scope can include contract negotiation. A detailed roadmap and project plan will be prepared at the beginning of the assignment for your approval.

Service Transition: We have experience doing small to large-scale transitions. We can bring forward deep experience in transition planning and support. We have deep expertise in ITO, BPO, Call Center, and Managed Services transitions.

Managed Services: We provide consulting to transition services into managed services and unit-of-work models, establish the right SLAs and governing frameworks, and bring forward continuous improvement and lean Six Sigma practices to position your outsourced portfolio on the path of continuous improvement.


  • Outsourcing Governance
  • Outsourcing and Offshoring Assessment
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Enhancing Value from Multi-sourcing
  • Implementing Vendor Performance Comparisons
  • Defining the Category Strategy
  • Vendor Consolidation and Optimization
  • Defining the Source2Pay Strategy, Organization, and Operational Processes.
  • Spend Management Solutions
  • Contingent Workforce Strategy and Implementation
  • Contingent Workforce Consolidation and MSP Selection
  • VMS Selection and Implementation 


ValueOptim specializes in finding hard-to-find Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Sourcing (SVMP) talent and deploys extensive screening, testing, and interviewing skills to find the right match.

Locating talented and high caliber Sourcing, Vendor Management and Procurement (SVMP) personnel to meet your needs is a challenge we at ValueOptim will undertake on your behalf with the utmost professional standards. We have demonstrated flexibility and competence in the delivery of SVMP leaders and technical resources. We are committed to working with you to build and deploy a strategy best suited for each individual company.

Our recruiters can intelligently converse with SVMP professionals to gauge their depth of leadership, functional, and technology skills. We also make sure that candidates have a good understanding of industry competencies and will fit with your company culture when we recommend them.

We have a strong network of SVMP practitioners whose profiles we continuously screen and store in our database. Our automation tools are state of the art and enable us to provide excellent service levels, consistently.  We work with creativity and ingenuity to solve problems. We chose always to take the “high road”: it is best to do the right thing, to be generous, to take the long-term view of things.


Once a job description and responsibilities of the position have been outlined, we begin searching our extensive database of recent candidates. We also remain in touch with non-active job-seekers, a majority of whom are not actively pursuing a career change and are not on the radar, but request they are kept abreast of potential opportunities in the market and in their field. These are the diamonds in the rough we have maintained contact with over the years that are open to select new opportunities. Our non-traditional search models help reveal hidden talent, allowing our clients to grow the team they need

We think strategically to identify the hidden talent our clients need

We engage and assess these well-qualified individuals with expertise, passion, and tenacity.

We unearth hidden talent and deliver top-tier candidates who are interested in the role and will be a long-term fit.

Our business model of Purpose-Driven Recruitment works in a very differentiated manner.  At ValueOptim, we operate differently than other staffing and recruiting firms you may have spoken with in the past – and our focus is on finding the right alignment for the candidate and client alike.


Every role we hire goes through a very thoughtful creation of a hiring and evaluation strategy. Once details of the position have been explained to the candidate and their career objectives have been covered,  our experienced recruiting team assesses potential candidates initially through phone interviews by asking questions and gathering information. 

As the candidate progresses through the process, they are invited for an in-person interview via Video Conferencing. Depending on the role requirement, we evaluate the candidates based on basic fit, role requirements, psychometric testing, language testing, real-work testing, reference checks, and rigorous interviews. Once the candidates have cleared all the steps in our hiring method they are presented to the client for final interviews. 


If the candidate profile and your expectations match, we connect you with them for further qualification. A detailed background analysis review of the candidate is provided with each submission, which allows you to make an educated assessment of which candidates to move forward with.

Additional information may be provided depending on the nature of the position such as criminal record search, drug testing, educational verification, and as well as any of your own testing procedures such as personality assessments you may wish to incorporate into the process.


  • Strong Management team Led by former Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Procurement executives
  • Dedicated focus on SVMP talent and networking
  • Uncompromising Candidate Quality
  • Amazing Service Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Speed to Fill Requisitions
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Geographic Coverage
  • Client Confidentiality

ValueOptim specializes in Talent, Technology, and Transformation. Our leading-edge Business Transformation and Digital Technology solutions drive multi-fold value for our clients. We work with our clients as an advisor, consultants, and transformation partners.

Our customers today work with us to create the vision, articulate their vision, passionately own their vision, and relentlessly partner with us to implement it to completion. ValueOptim can be your partner with your procurement transformation. We also provide high-quality, pre-screened talent that can be quickly deployed in a collaborative environment to support your skill needs. Once we understand your business challenges and unique business needs, our team can help you drive the solutions and implementation in a very short period of time.

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