Effective time management for small and medium business (SMB), self-employed, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals can be a choice between success and failure. The more time company leaders and key executives will spend on mundane tasks like data entry of business leads, scheduling meetings, and email management; the less time they will have to focus on critical business strategy and customer-facing management. Many of them outsource tasks they don’t enjoy or don’t know anything about, or for work that someone else could do better.

That is where ValueOptim virtual admin services can help. Based on extensive experience and research, we have built a framework of projects and business-as-usual (BAU) tasks that any SMB will need. Our Pre-Screened consultants today provide business solutions in areas of Administrative Support, Customer Support, Online Research, Sales Support, Workflow Management, Social Media Management, Advertising Support, Marketing Support, Bookkeeping, and Accounting, Website Design & Management, Recruitment Process, Procurement Support, Search Engine Optimization, IT Support, Software, and Mobile Application Development, Data Entry, and Document Management.

Depending on client needs, these services can be delivered by one Virtual Consultant or a team of several Virtual Consultants who will collaborate with each other to deliver the services. Thanks to the collaborative tools evolution – email, instant messaging, conference calls, and video chat, your VC works remotely from another country—which means you don’t have to worry about finding additional office space or hiring local employees.

More importantly, ValueOptim matured delivery and pricing models allow you to just pay for the total time you consume and not for each service separately. ValueOptim facilities are designed to be secure, and leverage state of art tools and technologies to deliver services with complete transparency to our clients. No wonder several Real Estate companies, Retailers, Accounting firms, Legal firms, HR and Recruitment companies, Travel companies, IT companies, and Finance companies today who have used our services are today our repeat clients.

Here are some good practices that our successful clients have deployed:

CLEARLY DEFINE NEEDS – VA’s need clear goals, established protocols, and regular direction. Provide detailed project description outlining scope and timeframe expectations. In fact, several of our clients have gone to the extent of providing us a VA Training Trifecta – Written, Audio, and Video Instructions of how they want us to carry repeatable tasks and at what frequency. Such instructions will help us clearly determine the skills required and align a person or team to support your needs. This scope description will also serve to manage expectations between you and your assigned virtual assistant. Your general virtual assistance can supervise, though not perform, all tasks and direct your other VA’s. Since we provide all resources and all specialties under one facility, you will never have issues with multiple Virtual Assistants collaborating from different locations.

AGREE ON REPORTING MECHANISM – Some clients only want a weekly report, some clients want to establish metrics and targets (e.g.: number of daily listings updated, number of claims processed, etc..), some clients just want a weekly phone call, and some just want an email update. Clearly, agree on this protocol and make sure you are not micromanaging your Virtual Assistant. Our goal at ValueOptim is also to save your time.

AGREE ON TOOLS AND PROCESS – Our VA’s are comfortable with using the variety of tools that can range from cloud storage technologies like Google Drive, Box, communication via SKYPE, Office 365, Collaboration leveraging GLIP and SharePoint, etc…..In the open-source world we operate today, there is no shortage of tools but they need to be picked carefully to ensure you get the maximum effectiveness from your VA team and we together keep things simple. Our VA’s can also use Remote Desktop or VPN and directly work on your infrastructure.

ASK FOR ADVICE – Our VA’s typically have experience across multiple clients and asking them if they have questions, concerns, or any advice can be helpful for you. At the start of the assignment, they may not volunteer information or feedback as they are trained to first understand the current state; however, over time, they will bring forward continuous improvement mechanisms, standard templates, shortcuts, operating procedures to improve and make things more efficient for you.

Outsourcing does not just involve hiring other people to do your work; rather it is a way to achieve a more efficient operation that gives you freedom from mundane tasks. Our VA’s are selected based on rigorous processes; only those that demonstrate that they are self-starters, self-motivated, self-disciplined, and self-sufficient with an excellent mid of technical and communication abilities make it through the selection process. We only hire top 3% of the resumes we receive. We are ValueOptim will be pleased to be your partner of choice that will scale its services as we become a small part of your success journey.

ValueOptim specializes in Business Transformation and Digital Technology solutions for SMB companies. We today work with several small and medium business as an advisor, consultant, transformation partner, and ongoing support at extremely affordable prices.

Our customers today work with us to create the vision, articulate their vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly partner with us to drive it to completion. We at ValueOptim also strongly believe that SMB’s provide a big opportunity to make a difference in the world of business and beyond.

Please Contact Us for a complimentary and no-obligation discussion. We assure you that you will find value as we together embark on the journey to solve your business challenges.