banner1ValueOptim is a leading provider of highly differentiated Remote Virtual Admin Outsourcing services. Today we provide services across several industries and domain areas. Our Virtual Admin’s are highly skilled office support professionals that range from being administrative assistants to customer service specialists to word processors to office managers depending on your needs. Our services enable you to focus on your business growth, core-competence and enhancing business value. Our RVAs can start work immediately, allowing you to quickly and cost-effectively augment your core staff in response to changing workload demands

RVA Skills: Excellent Communication Skills, MS Office Skills, Web Maintenance, Graphic Design, CRM, SAP, Sharepoint, Process Development, Visio, Research, Bookkeeping

ValueOptim RVA Mindset: Flexible, Customer Service Oriented, Multi-tasks, Quality and productivity driven, Continuous improvement, Welcomes feedback, Invests in capability building, Leverages the right center of excellence for right tasks, Maintains confidentiality

Our RVA’s are supported by our COE’s (Center of Excellence) in areas of Operations Optimization, Information Tech Outsourcing, Human Resources Outsourcing, Sourcing Vendor Management and Procurement Outsourcing, Research and Training

RVA Services

Category and Industry
Financial Services
Real Estate
Admin Support
Customer Management
Sales Support
Marketing Support
HR and Recruiting Support
Data Entry & Digitization
Content Management
Claims Processing
Technology Support
(MS Office,Sharepoint)
Finance Support
Web Design & Management


ValueOptim Engagement Model

Understanding Your Need:

At this stage, our efforts are focused on capturing your exact need, your existing process and the expected outcomes.

Identifying the Right Virtual Admin:

After gaining an insight into your needs, we start the process of the right talent for your job.

Design and Document:

Once the right assistant is identified and the requirements are understood, we document the need, establish workflows and preserve knowledge.

Provide Support:

Our Virtual Admin starts working for you.

Ongoing Process and Quality Management:

We will implement continuous improvement process to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Periodic Reporting:

We ensure that agreed frequency of sending reports is always met.


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