ValueOptim – Faster, Better and More Adaptive!

Faster, Better and More Adaptive! ValueOptim provides SPECIALIZED, PRE-SCREENED, HIGHLY EXPERIENCED and RELIABLE talent for Small and Medium (SMB) business. Our solutions for operations support new technology adoption, automation, out-tasking and staffing significantly enhance efficiency and competitive advantage for our clients. Horizontal Solutions Small and Medium Business Operations  Remote Virtual Admin  IT Solutions  Digital Marketing  […]

Accelerate Recruiting and Contract Staffing

Today, more than ever, organizations pursue different avenues to achieve better cost and operational efficiencies. To enable sustainable and scalable solutions, organizations need to find the right partner, so with ValueOptim accelerate recruiting and contract staffing, with the right approach that matches their specific business needs. Whether a company succeeds or fails depends on whether […]

How Startups or Ѕmаll Аnd Меdіum Вusіnеss Can Benefit from Outsourcing?

How Startups, Ѕmаll Аnd Меdіum Вusіnеss Can Benefit from Business Process and Information Technology Outsourcing Ноw mаnу tіmеs hаvе уоu hеаrd thе buzzwоrd ‘Оutsоurсіng’? Wеll, іt sееms lіkе оutsоurсіng hаs bесоmе the latest business trends іn іntеrnаtіоnаl mаrkеt even for small and medium business.  The more the media downplays it the more the size of […]

Recruiter on Demand from ValueOptim

ValueOptim Recruiter on Demand services offers high quality-cost effective work with superior results enabling our customers to concentrate on their core business functions. ValueOptim RPO services work efficiently behind the scenes, assisting customers to get accustomed and be able to respond effectively to the challenges of a constantly changing business environment. Our groundbreaking solutions for […]

ValueOptim SVMP Recruiting

How Difficult Is it to Hire Quality Sourcing and Procurement Talent? Click Here to Start Your Search Today!  The quality of your Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Procurement (SVMP) professional team has a direct correlation to your company bottom-line. Locating talented and high caliber Sourcing, Vendor Management and Procurement (SVMP) personnel to meet your needs is a challenge […]

Managing Turnover in Outsourcing

Managing turnover in Outsourcing is the key to successful relationship The last decade witnessed a shift towards outcome-based management in outsourcing relationships. As a result, non-linear delivery models (e.g.: outcome-based or transaction-based pricing; fixed price etc…) have been gaining interest with buyers. Even though buyers have matured with managing outsourcing initiatives, the fact still remains that […]

Change Management and Communication: Key Enablers for Outsourcing Success

Key Enablers for Outsourcing Success, Several outsourcing surveys have shown that the adoption of outsourcing in companies is directly attributed to top-down support and investments made in communication and change management. While transition planning, vendor delivery capability, and project management focus are important, change management and communications strategies are critical to keep employees motivated, gain […]

Introducing ‘Sourcing Architecture’: next-generation sourcing and procurement transformation

Sourcing and procurement (S&P) leaders continue to reference efficiency, effectiveness and continuous improvement of operations as a high priority. Most will admit that continuous optimisation is not a destination, rather a journey that has become increasingly complex. Today, an agile S&P organization that effectively aligns with the needs of the business is critical to establish. S&P […]

Procurement Operations

The digitization of business led by disruptive SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) technologies are changing the fundamental foundation of how business is done. The fundamental strategies, processes, and financial structures need to change as organisations unbundle and decouple traditional value chains. The changing face of business has also impacted the Sourcing and Procurement (S&P) […]